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Company Multinational – construction of railway vehicles
Area Factory

Analysis and Optimization of Cycle Times


  • verify cycle times of the “set-up” phase
  • identify optimization opportunities and causes of loss
  • implement the solutions through the involvement of the Industrialization Organization and Production


Production areas and production engineering areas were involved. The Work Sampling statistical method was adopted, which is carried out through repeated observations, for an adequate number of times, on the state of activity or non-activity of machines or operational resources with respect to the planned schedule. In the event of inactivity, possible causes were identified: lack of materials, inadequate or unavailable equipment, etc. The percentage of observations for which the expected cycle activity is not in progress is a reliable measure of the percentage of time that will be recovered through the resolution of the causes of inactivity discovered.


Main results

  • classification of critical operations of work cycles through examination of:
  1. microlayouts of workstations and arrangement of equipment, support surfaces and anything else necessary for the safe carrying out of activities
  2. macrolayout and movement flows and sequence of operations
  3. tools and equipment to support/necessary for the correct carrying out of operations
  4. fuel supply/power source of materials
  • specific staff training on tools and approaches for job analysis and improvement management
  • reliable time-cycle measurements on set-up operations (approximately 1,100 average hours per crate
  • identification of main causes of loss
  • average saving on cycle times of around 110 hours per crate