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Company Multinational Construction of railway vehicles
Area Factory

Lean Approach in Operations


  • improve product quality
  • increase productive efficiency
  • increase reliability/credibility rating


Tools of Lean Production and Autocontrol were used, using methodologies of Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Approach Tools and work techniques were used to produce targeted improvements in sectors of production chosen to start the relaunch of the company.

Among the support tools adopted:

  • Operational Guidelines to arrange and conduct meetings at the beginning and end of the shift
  • Methodology 5 S, structured in defined steps aimed at restoring conditions of order and cleanliness at the workstation
  • Static Visual Management: visual management of basic information regarding work area perimeters (Layout), quantities, locations and positioning of equipment
  • Dynamic Visual Management: visual management of complex information such as problems detected, solutions identified, results achieved
  • Problem setting: tools for data collection and their basic statistical processing
  • Problem solving: tools for the analysis and identification of the causes of problems and the identification and choice of solutions
  • Self Assessment Skills: self-assessment tools for the shared construction of the multi-job matrix

Structures involved: Production, Quality, Engineering, Design, Supply Chain

Main results

  • reduction of Takt Time and Lead Time (-25%), -11% of Spent Time
  • increase in safety: -60% of accidents
  • quality improvement: -94% of Non-Conformities, -70% of Quality Notes
  • activation of Line and Station Boards for real-time management of production progress, product configuration and quality status
  • Multi-job matrix for mapping the levels of autonomy of the workers and the management of the teams
  • activation of autocontrol on a production line
  • progressive integration between the company branches and Production