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Company Multinational railway construction
Area Engineering

P-FMEA in company “made to order”


  • increase reliability of the service of critical systems, subject to contractual penalties
  • reduce disruptions and delays in operational phase of rolling stock


PFMEA (Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) methodology was adopted, which analyzes the production processes to intercept and mitigate the risks of anomalies related to the activities of the process, which can lead to service faults during the rolling stock operation.P-FMEA di processo

Perimeter: processes relating to receiving, storing and movement of materials, installing and testing critical components (e.g. automatic doors, air conditioning systems, fire-fighting systems, traction unit, etc.)

Advantages obtained

The method adopted enabled identification of indications for:

  • correct storage, transport and handling of components
  • correct carrying out of operations as input for definition of JES/Standard Works and work cycles
  • defining more appropriate and smoother assembly sequences
  • improving the design process
  • the industrialization/supplier for the equipment necessary
  • correct implementation of tests

Main results

  • Increase in reliability of the system in operation
  • avoidance of extra costs due to contractual penalties
  • use of focused resources for problems of major impact
  • synergy of company branches for the most appropriate solutions
  • reinforcement of market position