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Company Chemical multinational
Area Maintenance and Engineering

Re-Engineering of Maintenance Processes


  • reorganizing the structure of the Maintenance & Engineering area to make it more responsive to the needs of the plant in terms of timing and effectiveness of operations
  • improve monitoring of asset status
  • improve cost control


Analysis of the processes crossed with the organizational structure brought out areas of coverage/non-coverage from which the re-design of roles and responsibilities started.
Use of participatory techniques (e.g. Brown paper) and involvement of process owners encouraged greater rapidity of analysis and the search for solutions more responsive to the expected results.

Main results

  • design and sizing of the new organizational structure centered on the logic of managing skills and safeguarding assets
  • redesign of “core” operational processes (reactive, scheduled maintenance, investment project management)
  • elaboration of the solutions for overcoming inefficiencies and process criticalities by taking key roles in implementation
  • new jobs associated with tasks necessary to oversee redesigned processes and launch of a process of growth towards an increasingly mature and conscious coverage of the role.