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Simulation of Productive Processes


Company Multinational – vehicle production
Area Factory

Simulation of industrial processes to define layout and investments


  • Dimension the number of autonomously driven vehicles (AGV) and the lines necessary to ensure the power supply of the production stations and the assembly line of the vehicles in compliance with the plant and investment constraints defined by the Client


The flows of materials were analyzed in the internal logistics system and several operating scenarios were defined and proposed in order to minimize the investment in terms of autonomously driven units while guaranteeing the logistics service.

The flows of materials were reported on the virtual layout of the simulator and integrated with the main performance parameters of the production stations, with the logics of practicability/transportability within the plant and with the technical specifications of the resources used.

The simulation model used enables the following outputs to be obtained:

  • Number of deliveries on hourly or daily basis
  • Operational summary of state of vehicles (e.g. work percentages, waiting, inactivity due to breakdowns)
  • Operational summary on conditions of production stations (e.g. number of assembled components and percentage of inactivity due to breakdowns)

Main results

Using the simulation model the following results were obtained:

  • Definition of the best layout for the reduction of investment costs
  • Confirmation of having reached the production objective and the level of logistic service required
  • Reduction in number of vehicles in service and increase in relative saturation